press review

This is a review of my Exhibition at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen, by Roddy Phillips of Aberdeen's Press and Journal.

"The north-east based award-winning photographer Heather Maslen has a talent for extracting the essence and spirit of a place and representing it in such a startling new light that it is almost unrecognisable and often more exciting and glamorous.

In her new solo exhibition of photographs in black and white at HM Theatre in Aberdeen she has collected a stunning set of images drawn from Scotland and Alaska.

Having spent her childhood on the Lancashire seaside and then lived in the north-east of Scotland, Maslen has a great understanding of the coast, which is reflected in much of her work.
'The way I approach an image is always the same, to blend what I see through the viewfinder with what I visualise in my mind', she said.

That is very evident in these luminous photographs. The image of Lamposts, Wrangell, Alaska is emblematic of Maslen's style - pared down shapes and tones giving the impression of having been either painted or perhaps even screenprinted.

This technique adds so much mystery to her work that it begins to inhabit an imaginary world.

Heather Maslen's superb solo photographic exhibition runs at HMT until August 7 and cannot be recommended enough."

Press and Journal, 11 June 2010